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Community BBQ 10/11/2019

Community BBQ 10/11/2019

Thursday, October 10, 2019


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  1. 20 Nov, 2019
    Dreams with Intern Saki
    Dreams have always been a place of creativity, the mystery that they hold can be a constant source of wonder and beauty, but what do they  actually mean? Dream interpretation takes what was a meaningless dream and turn it into a real life metaphor. What effect do dreams actually have on your life, and how much of your life can you learn from what you dream about?  There are many different theories behind why we dream. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of dreaming proposed that we all have
  2. The Most Effective Agent in Therapy- The Relationship
    04 Oct, 2019
    The Most Effective Agent in Therapy- The Relationship
    Hi! I’m Saki the new intern and Sierra asked me to research on what makes the most improvement in psychotherapy. Therapy always seems to be the answer. Have a past trauma? Go to therapy. Relationship issues? Therapy. Need to vent? Therapy. But what about therapy produces results? Research by the American Psychologist Association (APA) has found that the most effective agent of change in psychotherapy is the therapeutic relationship, which is the relationship that you and your therapist share.
  3. 03 Sep, 2019
    Psychotherapy and The Cultivation of Non-Violence with Simone Weit, APCC
    I’ve been asked “what is therapy all about” and my response was always pretty deflective because I struggled to sum it up in a way that was probably true for all therapists regardless of their theoretical orientation. Recently however it occurred to me that therapy in its most general form is actually a practice designed to cultivate non-violence. Many spiritual and philosophical traditions have tenets or doctrines that advocate for non-violence. A number of these traditions expand the idea
  4. 15 Aug, 2019
    Meditation with Steven Cooper
    Check in with yourself, whenever you feel the need. Mindfulness based techniques help your innermost self emerge. Now you can meditate with us on your own anytime, anywhere! See the following for links to the Youtube channel, new meditations and affirmations will be added every month! Arrival: Thunder: Water: Be At Peace, Steven Sierra Therapy Center
  5. 06 Jun, 2019
    The Gentle Reader: To Be Mindful
    The Gentle Reader with Steven Cooper    Close your eyes... Take a deep breath…Take in the scent of your surroundings… Now… Listen to the vibrations around you. Without trying to change anything at all, just allow yourself to shift into an Observer role... Check in with Yourself. How are you feeling? What’s been on your mind? Much like seeing yourself in third person... No tension, no anxiety, not allowing yourself to feel triggered...just...See. Feel. Breathe. When we participate in
  6. Unplugging from the Modern World
    23 May, 2019
    Unplugging from the Modern World
    I was reading the words of my yoga teacher, who foretold in the 1990s, that there would be a time when every person would have mega billions of units of information on the tip of their finger, all the time, which would cause a widespread nervous breakdown (Yogi Bhajan). He was right! In the 1990s, we had barely scratched the surface of the information age, but now, nearly 30 years later, we are encapsulated by it. We are facing a world wide epidemic of emotional crises. Never before did we have
  7. 07 May, 2019
    Sierra Therapy Center - Update!
    Its been a while since we updated everyone, but here's what we have been up to.  In the last couple months we have added some new team members and added another location.  STC (Sierra Therapy Center) is proud and honored to welcome Dena Hall, and Annette Kelso to our team!  Welcome to the team Dena Hall, MA, LMFT! Dena Hall is working in both the Nevada City office and Grass Valley office.  Here's a little message from Dena: “It is an honor to witness another’s journey and to provide them
  8. 09 Apr, 2019
    I Love Me: The Journey to Self-Acceptance
    The concept of acceptance is central to my approach in therapy. So often, others share with me their difficulties with self image, self care, and look at me funny when I ask about Self Love. For some of you, Gentle Readers, perhaps these are foreign concepts. Life shows us, through its trials and tribulations, that so often We can be our own obstacle to contentment, happiness, and peace. Perhaps trauma has manifested in our childhood. Perhaps significant others or blood relatives have molded
  9. 19 Mar, 2019
    Reframe: The Power of Self Talk
    "Hindsight is 20/20"..."Perception is Everything"..."The glass half full, or half empty"... Sound familiar? Lately in my Reflections I've pondered this idea of mentally reframing the things that Life throws at us. "Seeing good in bad" if you will. After all, there's the potential for a lot of "drama" in one's life...well, that is IF One so chooses to see it as drama. We can CHOOSE to see it differently. So much of how we operate and respond to things in our feelings and thoughts is based around